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 After careful consideration of many different factors including the rise in Covid cases, the snow that’s currently on the ground making life difficult for all of us, as well as the possibility that we may get some more snow toward the weekend, we have decided that the best thing for everyone is that we will postpone our Club Meeting that was scheduled for this coming Saturday.
The new date for you to mark on your calendars is April 23rd.  This should be after the winter rush of covid/flu season, after most of Lambing/Kidding season, and before Hay cutting season begins!  Yes – we are the busiest and hardest working people around and it’s hard to reschedule, but it’s in everyone’s best interest.  Our guest speakers and Caterer have all been contacted and they are all available on April 23rd, so it will be the same meeting, only later in the year.
Everyone please stay safe out there – if you have any questions, just let us know.




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